About lifestyle4seniors.com

Our goal is for seniors to learn, share and grow in the knowledge of a life lived well.

When was Lifestyle4seniors.com born?

This is a fairly new blog. Lifestyle4seniors.com was born on June 15th, 2020.

How did Lifestyle4seniors.com begin?

Peter and Susan are blessed with a life well lived. There have been ups and downs but through perseverance, they have their health, wealth, and “marbles” still intact. Life is what we make of it. Home is where the heart is. We see life as a journey, not a destination. Approaching our later years, we have come to appreciate the invaluable things in life, such as, ourselves, our spouse, family, friends, health, good food, great conversations, and the simplicity of a life well lived. A senior’s life well lived is a treasure worth much more than gold.

Lifestyle4seniors.com is an idea generated when Susan was working on a project with seniors. She became interested in how seniors choose to live post retirement. She is curious how she would choose to live her own life when she becames a senior. She believes that retirement is the start to seek new adventures and new opportunities to enjoy the simple pleasures in life. As Peter and Susan walk their senior lifestyle journey, they invite you to explore, contribute and learn with them. You may find something or discover yourself in the journey.

About Peter and Susan Lam

We are from Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada. June 2020, we both officially retired. We have been traveling the world for the past 20 years and fell in love with traveling and meeting people from all walks of life. Vacations while working meant limited time away. Like many folks, we worked hard, invested wisely, and saved for our retirement. We were not sure what and how retirement would look like, but we knew we wanted to retire to travel with no time constraints. We thought retiring at the start of a new decade, seemed like a good choice, right? We picked March 2020. The retirement bonus was to travel to the Far East. We booked and planned our trip as far back as June 2019. Unfortunately, COVID-19 arrived. Our travel plans have been put on hold, till such a time when it will be safe to travel the world again. Patience will be our virtue, including espousing and adopting the seven other worthwhile virtues: Faith, Hope, Charity, Fortitude, Justice, Prudence and Temperance.
What do we do while waiting for our next travel plans? Lots. As retirees, we wanted to start a blog for seniors. The blog would be written by seniors and would be for seniors or anyone interested in our blog. We wanted other seniors, like us, to enjoy a good lifestyle. We believe seniors can stretch their dollar while traveling. We have various plans and interests. Peter was an auto mechanic, turned handyman who loves to tinker with his hands. He wants to set up a travel van, to travel comfortably in Canada and USA. We want to share with you how Peter converts a 7-seater Toyota Sienna van into a travel van. Susan was a project manager who enjoys life-long learning and wants to expand her skill set repertoire with technology and the camera. Her goal is to set up a blog, vlog, website and learn social media to help seniors travel well and live a good lifestyle. Together, they want to help other seniors achieve the lifestyle that they aspire. Come along and join us in our seniors’ lifestyle discovery.

About our blog

The focus of our blog is to share videos, photos, resources, musings, writings, and life stories. Our readers will help us determine worthy topics. We invite readers interested in sharing their journey. Our journey will be iterative, and the aim is to learn and share with our fellow seniors and anyone else interested in reading. Along the way, we hope to have fun and lots of laughter with you.

Our Blog Topics
Our blog topics will be varied and will be tailored for our readers. Topics can be on travel, technology, retirement, senior activities, etc. Topics will grow as our blog grows.
A snapshot of our blog